Making dandelion tea!

While the dandelions were everywhere, far and wide wherever you would look, I wanted to finally try dandelion tea! We’re taught as a society to view dandelions as merely a garden weed to be pulled out, or exterminated with Round up. Yet, did you know that dandelions are fully edible? From the roots, to theContinue reading “Making dandelion tea!”

May challenge 7-9! and 10-13!

Days 7-9 I had to skip because I was literally working morning to night but once that was over, I got back to it! No reason to completely burn myself out! Rest and respect to my body, is just as important, as finishing a self decided challenge. 🙂 Thanks for watching!

Tomato update and replanting!

The tomatoes have started sprouting like crazy! So quick too, even after just three days there were already about three sprouts peeking through, now there’s around 10! I don’t even think I have room for all of them, but it sure is exciting! Since the last videos, I have planted peppers and cucumbers, in theContinue reading “Tomato update and replanting!”

Follow up post!

I have been really horrible about posting my may challenge and updates!! This stems from WordPress and their rules on videos and how much you can post with a free account. I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to embed videos instead of posting them directly onto here. If you have any suggestionsContinue reading “Follow up post!”

30 day May challenge

I decided mid last month, while feeling my energy levels finally start to rise, and a new sense of motivation emerge from within, something that’s been lacking for quite some time now, I’ve been in a semi dorment state the last few months, semi lol.. I decided I was going to do a 30 dayContinue reading “30 day May challenge”

Welcome to another day of gardening!

I talked last time about how my mom inspired me to turn the back corner of my backyard into something beautiful, well yesterday I finally had some time to work on this! I work on the computer all day, and then stare at my phone the rest of the time. Don’t judge, we all doContinue reading “Welcome to another day of gardening!”

Influence to motivation!

My parents were in town this week, and I hands down, get all my gardening inspiration, tips and guidance from my mom. I read on my own, for sure, but she’s my main mentor. Usually these tips and tricks happen over the phone, as we’re states away, but this time I was able to seeContinue reading “Influence to motivation!”