Welcome to another day of gardening!

I talked last time about how my mom inspired me to turn the back corner of my backyard into something beautiful, well yesterday I finally had some time to work on this! I work on the computer all day, and then stare at my phone the rest of the time. Don’t judge, we all doContinue reading “Welcome to another day of gardening!”

Influence to motivation!

My parents were in town this week, and I hands down, get all my gardening inspiration, tips and guidance from my mom. I read on my own, for sure, but she’s my main mentor. Usually these tips and tricks happen over the phone, as we’re states away, but this time I was able to seeContinue reading “Influence to motivation!”

Avocado babe

Last year, I decided to take an avocado seed from an avocado I ate, and plant it. I looked online for the best way to do this and ended up going with this method: 1. Put a toothpick in four corners of the avocado horizontally around the perimeter. I did not have toothpicks at theContinue reading “Avocado babe”

Health story!

I had this fun little random health adventure happen at the end of March which led me to the ER and on a wild doctor goose chase to find out what was actually wrong with me! Video below if you’d like to hear the story! I apologize for any cursing in advance! Since that wonderfulContinue reading “Health story!”

Tomato update and replanting!

The tomatoes have started sprouting like crazy! So quick too, even after just three days there were already about three sprouts peeking through, now there’s around 10! I don’t even think I have room for all of them, but it sure is exciting! Since the last videos, I have planted peppers and cucumbers, in theContinue reading “Tomato update and replanting!”

First step, Tomato prep!

Welcome back to the gardening journey! The first step is to prepare a separate bucket to be used for tomatoes, seeing as those need to be germinating, like yesterday! I’m using a bucket I used last year, but it didn’t really work well because I didn’t do much for draining. This year, I’m going toContinue reading “First step, Tomato prep!”

Starting my own veggie garden in the backyard!

I’ve been having some weird health things happen recently and it’s made me much more aware of what I’m putting into my body! Weirdly enough, you’d be surprised how many foods contain gmo ingredients, or chemicals, or other weird ingredients that can set your body out of balance without you even knowing! Knowing this, IContinue reading “Starting my own veggie garden in the backyard!”