Health story!

I had this fun little random health adventure happen at the end of March which led me to the ER and on a wild doctor goose chase to find out what was actually wrong with me! Video below if you’d like to hear the story! I apologize for any cursing in advance! Since that wonderfulContinue reading “Health story!”


When deciding to go freelance, you must be aware of some necessary expenses that will show their faces! A lot of this I had to learn on the fly which was a lot harder to prepare for. I hope this list helps you be aware before making the leap! 1. Tax professional! Yes, you probablyContinue reading “Necessary!”

Ready, set, whoa!

So the adventure began. I left my job (read previous post) and decided to go freelance with 3D/Motion graphics which is what I did full-time. I also wanted to get back into more traditional art and just, I don’t know, have time for life? When you’re employed full-time, in this industry, you go to networkingContinue reading “Ready, set, whoa!”