May challenge 7-9! and 10-13!

Days 7-9 I had to skip because I was literally working morning to night but once that was over, I got back to it! No reason to completely burn myself out! Rest and respect to my body, is just as important, as finishing a self decided challenge. 🙂 Thanks for watching!

Influence to motivation!

My parents were in town this week, and I hands down, get all my gardening inspiration, tips and guidance from my mom. I read on my own, for sure, but she’s my main mentor. Usually these tips and tricks happen over the phone, as we’re states away, but this time I was able to seeContinue reading “Influence to motivation!”

Starting my own veggie garden in the backyard!

I’ve been having some weird health things happen recently and it’s made me much more aware of what I’m putting into my body! Weirdly enough, you’d be surprised how many foods contain gmo ingredients, or chemicals, or other weird ingredients that can set your body out of balance without you even knowing! Knowing this, IContinue reading “Starting my own veggie garden in the backyard!”


A few days ago I took a quick redirection in my plans for the night and decided to drive over to one of my favorite places. I place I rarely visit anymore because we’ve moved super far up north and normally aren’t around to visit. A place that I’ve always come to since I wasContinue reading “Baha’i”