Personalized token of love

I've been wrapping for about 3 years now. Each piece usually takes about a week, if not longer. I started taking custom orders pretty early on in this process and quickly realized that, often, people can't wait 2-4 weeks for a custom piece. I randomly started making intricate bracelets, while wanting to try something new.Continue reading “Personalized token of love”

Shine on, you crazy diamond

Almost. Almost diamond. The affordable, wonderful alternative.. Zircon!  I decided to make a mini mussel and the dangly zircon found its spot in the center, all on its own!  I decided to keep this babe silver, because it played so well with the shiny zircon.  I’m taking these mussels slow and letting them create themselves. Continue reading “Shine on, you crazy diamond”

The start of something new

Hello lovely people, I had this idea of starting a blog to dive a little deeper into the realm I live in everyday, that is the Creative realm. I have always drawn, painted, crafted, sat by myself and was perfectly happy exploring what my hands and head could create together. I have focused my attention,Continue reading “The start of something new”