Hi there lovely hoomans!

Who am I?

Well, let me tell you.. just a little bit..

My name is Viktoryia Kryvanos, but I usually go by Viky Kry. I am a forever creative and have spent years, and will continue to do so, making my life filled with art! I have spent most of my life.. well, all the life I can remember, creating and making things.

It used to just be painting and drawing and has since evolved into so much more. I still paint and draw and that will forever be my initial love, but now I have gone head first into wire wrapping and jewelry making. I always pick up new DIY projects and crafts and again, am constantly creating. It truly keeps me sane and keeps me being me.

I went to DePaul University and studied 3D Animation for Cinema while there. Now I work at a Post Production company doing 3D and motion graphics for advertising. It’s a pretty cool job! We get to make the made up come to life. Giving life to something that you just created from a blank slate, is truly rewarding.

Animator by day, jewelry maker and artist by night.

I am a huuuuge dog person and currently own 3 American Bullies. One of the most mis-understood breeds out there!! Theres Powder who is our OG babe, she is now 8, and then Athena is the next in age, she is 3, my bf and I got her together and she’s a gem! Last but not least, there’s Prince! He is only a few months over a year but definitely the biggest one, and he’s Athena’s son! We had a litter of 16 puppies last May, yes it was awesome and intense! And Prince was the pup we kept :] Don’t worry, all the other babes are in their happy homes and their families still reach out to us to tell us how happy they are. Yay :]

You’ll definitely see more of them in photoshoots and such, they’re great models, and I’m going to try to bring attention to how great of a breed they are through this project, however I can.

My newest endeavor and life change is a big part of why I started this page!

I am trying to move into freelance for my animation and grow my side business, Amber Energy, into a market place of arts and goods. Currently it consists of wire wraps, jewelry, vintage jewelry, knit goods made by my mom (who is amazing), paintings, gemstones, gemstone crafts like Trees of Life and well hopefully the list will just evolve.

I wanted to start this page to help myself keep track of how this is all progressing and maybe have a better understanding of what this business can be.

I would love to hear from you all and thank you for stopping by ❤