Hi there lovely hoomans!

Who am I?

Well, let me tell you.. just a little bit..

My name is Viktoryia Kryvanos, but I usually go by Viky Kry.. or lately just V. Bold and short, which I like. I have spent most of my life creating and making things.

It used to just be painting and drawing and has since evolved into so much more. I still paint and draw and that will forever be my initial love, but now I have gone head first into wire wrapping and jewelry making. I always pick up new DIY projects and crafts. It truly keeps me sane!

Almost 6 months ago now I took the risk of leaving my job and deciding to choose me over just fighting for that next dollar. I dove deep into the freelancer life and have been slowly but surely navigating my way through it ever since. The good, the bad, the broke, the rich, all of it!

I initially started this page for my art and jewelry making but since going freelance I want to add to this page and share my experiences with you through all of this.

What does 3D/motion graphics look like in Chicago? What does it look like as a female? How do you manage time? How do you not freak out during slow times and use your time instead? How do you balance work and passion projects? All this and much more is what I’d like to share with you.

I am about to start a laaaaarge, ambitious personal project and I want to share the journey and maybe help someone else out there, like me, get started and get your project done too!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, feedback, comments, whatever! Let’s get these conversations going!

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