Hi there lovely hoomans!

My name is Viktoryia Kryvanos, but I usually go by Viky or lately just V. Bold and short, which I like. I have spent most of my life creating and making things.

I work in motion graphics/animation for advertising, in Chicago. In my free time, I like to make art. In all forms. You’ll see me post about it sometimes. I chose long ago to fill my life with art, and have done so.

With the ever changing climate of our current world, I have really been drawn to the natural, holistic ways of living life, and healing life. There are so many secrets we were never taught when it comes to living a sustainable, healthy and natural life.

I have been spending hours learning about our world, diving deep into gardening, holistic health, and natural remedies. How to grow your own food, herbs, plants, and then how to harvest and utilize what you produce. We can heal ourselves quite magnificently, calmly and on the long-term through natural means. That is what I seek to share with you!

A motivated person, can learn much more, and attain more knowledge, than a lazy student with a certificate. One does not counter the other. Knowledge is there to be learned and implemented and that is what I have been doing and seek to continue.

We can all benefit from this knowledge, and from the joy that the natural world provides.

Join me on learning more about our world, how we can utilize it and give back in the process.

Thank you for being here!