Selling art online

It’s been such a frustrating process selling art online.

From one perspective, we have the constantly changing algorithm on Instagram, the shadowbanning for no reason, and the inability to promote anything without a connected facebook account. You just post and post and no one sees anything and it gets no where.

The other side of this too is that when you don’t have any stock, everyone and their mother is interested in your work and wants to get something, which makes you spend money on materials and spend the time making things, and then once they’re made and you list them to sell, you get crickets. Where are all those people that were so interested?

Then when you get someone interested, they want to get handmade, one of a kind work, for prices that you would find at target or on Wish or something like that. Super cheap, lots of overhead so they can price everything below value. Small businesses and sole proprietors don’t have that ability. We buy materials and spend hours creating the work you see, obviously we want to sell work based on the effort spent. Otherwise, your losing money.

In addition to this, every website that allows you to post your work to a larger audience, charges a percentage in addition to listing fees, and just “being there” fees. So by the time you’ve priced your work high enough to make up for all that, you’re either priced too high and no one will buy, or you make no profit.

Anyways, apologies on the rant, I’m just a little frustrated with the constant obstacles presented when I’m just trying to share my craft with the world.

I’m going to post photos of my latest work here, they’re all for sale, and if something intrigues you, let me know. Otherwise, are they just bad? Am I just not seeing it?

Weird day, hopefully tomorrow is a better one.

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