More garden updates!

What a joy joy joy! Even pulling out weeds is weirdly fun. Watching the roots shoot out covered in dirt, sprinkling pieces of dirt everywhere! It’s fun haha

Everything is growing so fast. The beans spread out so much that I had to give them a home and direct them upward. They were taking over the whole front part of the corner! Weaving in and out and around other plant leaves!

I’ve got a winter squash! My mom gave me a bag of random seeds, some flowers, some veggies like corn, beans, squash and a few others. So all of these were much a surprise! I planted them hear and there but really didn’t expect much to happen. I have been pleasantly surprised!

I am soooooo excited about these sunflowers. They are mammoth sunflowers and will grow to 12’ tall. The fact that they will all ride in a beautiful line adorning my house, is just magical to think about! There were really supposed to be 6 but Prince (my dog) ate 3 of them. Apparently their leaves are very tasty to dogs!

In addition to that, I randomly decided to take this corner under my stairs and get rid of the weeds, flip the soil and try my luck growing some flowers. At first, for a bit, nothing was happening and I figured it was a bust. I probably messed up the ratio or didn’t add enough new soil etc. I mean, things happen! It’s not always successful. Yet just last week I started to notice growth!

I figured seeing as Prince ate those other 3 sunflowers, maybe I plant new ones here and then there will be two spots! They’re coming up!! I have 3 more musketeers, even maybe more!

My tomatoes are flourishing as are the cucumbers, they’re both starting to flower and I see veggies coming soon!

My sugar daddy peas are actually growing little pea pods too! I didn’t realize they grow right out of the flowers! That’s so cute, just a little pea pod getting bigger and bigger. I don’t know why, but they’re very cute.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little trip away from your life and into my garden 🙂 it definitely brings me lots of joy and I hope it does for you too.

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