Garden update!

Everything is growing so great 🙂 the weeds are too! Which isn’t so great. Regardless, I’m keeping them in tact which has probably been the most time consuming part!

At this point this is the list of everything that’s growing! (Vegetable wise!)

– a TON of tomatoes

– a ton of cucumbers

– beans – not sure which kind yet haha

– winter squash – this was a surprise!

– Arugula

– spinach

– sugar daddy peas

– sweet onions

– carrots

And potentially lettuce, broccoli and lettuce!

I meannnnn that’s a lot of stuff! I need to learn how to can things!! If you know any good resources or have recipes please comment on this post! I’d love to hear from you ❤️

We’ve also got a ton of sunflowers, Merigolds and hopefully others that will fill the space!

Honestly, what a beautiful thing, I put some energy and time into gardening and now I’ve got beauty growing around me and food that I can consume and get natural nourishment from! You should try it too, it’s great being out in nature and away from a screen for some time. It’s great reconnecting with the earth, walking barefoot, smelling the smells and interacting with al the insects, animals etc that live out in nature. Grounds you and calms you.

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