Why do people care about astrology?

When people first think of astrology, I feel like they automatically think of those cheesy daily horoscopes put out by magazines or Snapchat etc. Which is literally the most basic, shallow way of looking at astrology. It’s so much more than that.

Astrology is the study of planets, and their effects on our world. The basis of astrology is.. can you guess?… it’s math. Much like everything else. There are multiple calculations made based on the planet’s size, speed, rotation around our planet, distance between us and between other planets, associations with time both big and small etc. each of these factors, refined, gives us an understanding of meaning. This allows us to then categorize various meanings into understandable concepts for us to utilize, learn and grow from.

I mean, the study is deep, and it requires a lot of time and effort to fully understand. Most people don’t have the time or interest to dive into these things as deep as needed which is why it’s important to find people and resources that you trust that allow you to gather this information once it’s all been calculated.

Let me know if you’d like a post about the resources I use, I’d be happy to share.

So let’s use an example for real life context. Currently, we are passing through a retrograde, Mercury retrograde to be exact. We are actually now in the shadow period which essentially means the time after the retrograde has happened. What is a retrograde? A retrograde means that from earth, a planet that is usually moving forward, or “seems” like it’s moving forward from our perspective on earth, changes direction and looks like it’s moving backwards for a while. This is usually caused by the difference in speed of rotation between our two planets. The shift in perception is caused by various placements, in time, of both planets. Hence, retrogrades only last a few weeks at a time.

So if we take the most basic aspect of this concept: the fact that we had a planet moving forwards, and now we see it moving backwards for a time period, only to once again resume forward movement. How can this apply to us?

It applies through all of the “re” concepts. Reflection. Return. Reorganize. Reconfigure. Etc. what does this prefix mean? It means, to do again. To try something, stop, step back, reflect and reassess, and then try again.

So during this time of “retrograde” which literally means shifting direction, we often experience a shift in our direction. Often paired with a revisiting of old concepts, old people, old experiences etc. We are given a second chance, a second look, at something we have gone through before to see if we need to revisit this thing, or reassess and leave it behind. This is why often times exes will come back into our lives during this time, past traumas will resurface, obstacles previously experienced etc. It’s essentially a time for the universe to give you a little check in. “Have you learned what you needed to from this cycle? Or do you need to go through it one more time?”

These retrogrades happen every few months. Much like a pop quiz in class. Have you understood the information learned this quarter or do you need to repeat it?

Cool huh?

This is why people pay attention to astrology. These types of concepts exist for every planet, and time as we know it is divided into sections, given meaning through planetary placement and movement. Once you start paying attention to these things, you are more prepared for what’s to come and are more ready to take on what shows up for you.

Nothing is permanent. Everything is always changing. Your only goal is to live, experience and grow. That’s why you are here, right now, exactly as you are.

Start getting interested. Learn. Expand your consciousness. You are so much more than just a pawn aimlessly wandering on this earth.

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