Making dandelion tea!

While the dandelions were everywhere, far and wide wherever you would look, I wanted to finally try dandelion tea!

We’re taught as a society to view dandelions as merely a garden weed to be pulled out, or exterminated with Round up.

Yet, did you know that dandelions are fully edible? From the roots, to the leaves, to the flowers! You can roast the roots, or dry them out, eat them normally or make tea out of them. You can put the leaves in salad much like you do with lettuce or spinach. You can eat the flowers raw, or you can bake them. You can even dry them out, or soak them and use them in tea!

That’s what I did!

I actually have a pool in my backyard that doesn’t work, so it grows weeds instead haha and many of the weeds in there are dandelions! So I went down into my pool and cut up a bunch of the dandelion flowers to make tea with. I was really curious to see what they tasted like, for one, but also I wanted all the health benefits!

Dandelions are actually great at improving and nourishing your heart, they promote a healthy liver, they have lots of antioxidants, they reduce cancer risk, they’re anti inflammatory, they reduce blood sugar levels and even reduce cholesterol. I mean this isn’t even the full list hah so many benefits and yet we’re over here killing them with Round off! A product that has cancerous side effects. Such a backwards world.

The tea was super easy to make:

1. Wash the dandelions (of course!)

2. Put them in a pot with water and steep them for about 8 minutes.

3. Put this mixture into the refrigerator for about 2-3 hrs.

4. Strain!

5. Add any flavorings! I chose honey!

6. Drink your iced tea! Enjoy the wonderful benefits it brings 🙂

We have so many beneficial natural remedies literally in our backyards and we have no idea they’re there! I’ve been doing lots of research on this whole matter for a while now, trying to educate myself on natural remedies, as those are the most potent and beneficial without life altering side effects! Magic all around us; Gaia provides.

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