Tomato update and replanting!

The tomatoes have started sprouting like crazy! So quick too, even after just three days there were already about three sprouts peeking through, now there’s around 10! I don’t even think I have room for all of them, but it sure is exciting!

So many tomato babies poking through!

Since the last videos, I have planted peppers and cucumbers, in the same process as the tomato germination. I’ve had some life events take all my time this week but I’ll be back soon with the first steps of the transformation of the hay tubs or the main two veggie gardens.

In the meantime, enjoy a simple video of me replanting the mint my mom gave me! Replanting was always daunting to me, either I would lose all the roots during the transfer, or overwater, or choose too big of a pot, etc., not many made it. But I feel like I have finally figured out the steps!

I think the main thing is to keep some moisture in the soil of the plant you are going to move, so that the soil doesn’t separate and crumble while free without a container. Also, it’s important not to overfill the second pot, because if you do, then you end up really pushing the plant and existing soil into the second pot, and it usually ruins some roots.

Only packing down the soil slightly is important, as well as keeping the environmental conditions similar to before. That way there’s less of a shock and adaptation for them.

Let me know if you have any other helpful tips on replanting I may not be aware of!

Thanks for watching!

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