30 day May challenge

I decided mid last month, while feeling my energy levels finally start to rise, and a new sense of motivation emerge from within, something that’s been lacking for quite some time now, I’ve been in a semi dorment state the last few months, semi lol.. I decided I was going to do a 30 day challenge in May!

The challenge consists of:

1. Wake up at 7am. (I used to wake up at 6 when I commuted downtown but since wfh life happened, it’s usually been 830/9 and roll out of bed straight to work)

2. Workout/yoga everyday of the work week. Weekends are for relaxing.

– Monday – Shoulders/arms/back

– Tuesday – Yoga/stretching

– Wednesday – Abs/core

– Thursday – Yoga/stretch

– Friday – Legs

3. Take a walk outside to my neighborhood park.

4. While there – journal and read. Write down my affirmations, as well as notes about the previous day like a log. Read – currently reading “You are the Universe” – by Deepak Chopra. Highly recommend!

5. Make sure I’m getting my daily water intake – 2 900ml bottle fulls, minimum. As well as daily vitamins/immune support!

6. After work, depending on how long my day goes, use night time for outlying projects I have in the works.

Current outlying projects (I like to start things and not finish them 🤦‍♀️)

1. Lion/sheep painting.

2. Family eye portrait.

3. Alphabet series.

Day 1!

Yesterday was the first day, it went well! Today did as well! I’ll post about today, tomorrow! This really isn’t about losing weight or become super muscular or an Instagram model or something, it’s really just about health and taking care of my body like I should. I’ve always had a decent health routine going but I’m never consistent and I always find myself coming up with all the excuses to just retract back to my bed and watch tv. I won’t be upset about any added benefits I see on my body from this challenge though! Haha

The base of where my body is starting this journey.

I watched a motivational video recently that talked about using the “count to 5” method to get yourself to do the things that are hard to do. Essentially when you wake up, or have to do something, you count 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. and then get up and do it. No waiting around, because if you let yourself wait, your brain will come up with a thousand and one excuses as to why you shouldn’t do what you need to do.

This is the plan! This is another form of accountability for me! Follow along, join in with your own version of the May challenge or follow mine, let’s get shit done this month!!

P.S. Avocado and gardening updates coming later this week!

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