Welcome to another day of gardening!

I talked last time about how my mom inspired me to turn the back corner of my backyard into something beautiful, well yesterday I finally had some time to work on this!

I work on the computer all day, and then stare at my phone the rest of the time. Don’t judge, we all do it! Being able to go outside and look at dirt and nature, is actually quite therapeutic for me.

I spent 3 hrs on this yesterday, well into the loss of light, but I made a nice few minute video to show you the condensed version below!

First, I shoveled all of the dirt in that area, removing weeds, and other roots that would normally take up that space. I left some of them, after disrupting their roots, as a fertilizer for the new plants that will live there. There’s a ton of rocks all throughout that space, so it took me a while, but who knew digging dirt could be fun?! There’s something pleasing about a shovel going through hardened soil, breaking it up and showing the life underneath.

I then proceeded to mix the soil, more of that in the video, and then spread it over the old soil, to mix. I also put some food from my compost bucket in the back corner as extra feed for the soil. In case you don’t know, a compost bucket it just a bucket full of food scraps. Things like egg shells, raw vegetable scraps, fruit scraps, and just about anything living and natural that you didn’t end up consuming. A great way to reuse and recycle things that would normally go into the trash and go to waste!

Once my soil was prepared, I proceeded to make rows, about 30 or so of them.. it’s a large area, and then plant various flowers and some veggies to help them grow as well. My mom told me that planting dill around the edge of flowers beds helps with getting good insects and avoiding bad ones, so I made sure to spread some of those around the rim as well.

I honestly don’t know what all I planted haha my mom gave me this big bag of various dried flowers and other seeds, so I kind of just took from there and went at it. I’m excited to see how it will all turn out!

Now, I’ll proceed with watering the area once a week, and I’m keeping it covered for now with a piece of thin plastic, with holes, so that my dogs, or birds, can’t dig them up.

Once they’re a little more grown through, I can leave them open and allow them to flourish. For now though, the plastic keeps them protected, while still allowing them to get the sun they need!

Video below of yesterday’s work! I tried VO for the first time 😬 let me know how that is haha

Thank you for watching, and follow along to see how this all turns out! If it’s a big failure then you’ll at least be here for the journey! ☺️

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