Influence to motivation!

My parents were in town this week, and I hands down, get all my gardening inspiration, tips and guidance from my mom. I read on my own, for sure, but she’s my main mentor. Usually these tips and tricks happen over the phone, as we’re states away, but this time I was able to see her work her magic in person. A complete different experience!

We decided to plant some various flowers, mint and flowers that attract monarch butterflies by my back wall. She’s so speedy! When I was doing everything myself it was such a struggle! But I made a big mistake then, I waited way too long to start prepping the soil and getting the weeds out. By then, the weed roots were huge and so hard to get out of the soil. For some reason I chose to do everything with hand tools too. I mean, jeez, way to make things harder for myself. A shovel! Why didn’t I think of a shovel?!

My mom showed me how quickly you can rip out weeds, while they’re still young, shovel up and flip the top few inches of soil, add manure, and some natural compost as fertilizer for the soil, and then get ready to plant whatever you want!

Every time she sees a worm, she gets excited because that means the soil is good and nutritious. 🙂

Watching how excited and simple she made it, and fun, I decided to take on another part of my backyard. I know what it grows into in the summer, and it’s weed central. It’s nice and green, but I rather experience my own botanic gardens for a summer!

I won’t have the energy and time to do it forever, and who knows when my back will give out, so while I can, I might as well use my body and make something awesome!

I’ve started digging up the soil and getting all of the weeds out. Then I heard today it was going to snow, go figure! So I’m waiting a little and then I’ll start nourishing and updating the soil to get it ready for flowers!

It’s so nice to have a hobby that’s outside, away from the screens I look at all day long.

In veggie garden news, I have emptied them out and I’m waiting on a charger for a drill so that I can make drainage holes at the bottom! More to come on that once I’ve got the equipment.

Thanks for following along! 🙂

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