Avocado babe

Last year, I decided to take an avocado seed from an avocado I ate, and plant it. I looked online for the best way to do this and ended up going with this method:

1. Put a toothpick in four corners of the avocado horizontally around the perimeter. I did not have toothpicks at the time so I used plastic flossers. Yes, those disposable sticks they make for flossing. It was harder to get them to stick through the seed, but eventually it worked.

2. Prop the toothpick avocado float on top of a mason jar. I used a pasta jar.

3. Keep the water up to the bottom of the avocado seed, but try not to get water on top.

4. Wait!

This was a year ago. I set everything up and waited and waited and waited. At first, it seemed like nothing was happening, and I figured I got tricked. Then, after a few weeks, the seed started to crack. Then, all of a sudden, a little root emerged. It stayed small and within the seed, as the seed continued to crack more and more. It cracked so much that I thought it was literally going to break in half! You could see the whole inside, it was like two huge walls only held together by a little ball in the middle.

I kept watering, and watched as the outside of the avocado started to mold over a little, because of the water. I figured this surely meant it was done for, but I kept it on the windowsill and kept watering it, just in case I was wrong.

Then, all of a sudden, the root started to grow. 6 months in and the root was actually starting to look like something! As months went by, the root kept getting longer, and thicker, and started to wind around the jar like a big fat tentacle.

What an interesting plant! How cool too, that you can watch the root growth!

Now, we come to the present. On Friday, last week, after sitting dormant with this huge root, and nothing happening on top… a little sprout starter to emerge from the seed! Eureka! It was not all for nothing! Now this sprout is pushing higher and higher everyday! It’s been about 5 days and it’s grown what looks like an inch every day! I feel like a proud plant parent right now:)

All this without any weird chemicals or fertilizers, literally just sunshine, water and oxygen. What a miraculous wonder!

Picture of the avocado baby below! Took a whole year, but she’s finally ready to transform and enter the world once again! All this from a simple decision to plant the seed, of my eaten avocado, instead of throwing it out. 🙂

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