Starting my own veggie garden in the backyard!

I’ve been having some weird health things happen recently and it’s made me much more aware of what I’m putting into my body! Weirdly enough, you’d be surprised how many foods contain gmo ingredients, or chemicals, or other weird ingredients that can set your body out of balance without you even knowing!

Knowing this, I decided it’s the perfect time to start my own vegetable garden at home! That way I can go and get my own veggies, free from weird additives and chemicals. I want to share the knowledge I learn through this process, and from my wonderful mom who has the magic of a green thumb!! I’ve been asking her questions throughout and learning a ton, so I figured why not share this information and maybe it can help one of you start the journey as well!

Right now is the perfect time to start gardening, especially if you live in the Midwest, because the frosty temperature are just about gone, and certain veggies, like tomatoes, need longer to germinate and therefore need to be started sooner.

My individual situation is a bit different because I have 4 dogs, so instead of planting things in the ground and watching them trample over everything, I’ll be using two horse hay containers and prepping them for raised garden beds. There’s a ton of room in each of them so I think I can really make this pretty awesome. I’ll be turning them into diy greenhouses, mainly for protection of the plants, and to assist them in their growth.

I’m taking videos of each part of the process, first one below! Explaining my plan and showing you where everything will be. Let me know of any questions, or tips you may have to make this the most spectacular garden!

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