First step, Tomato prep!

Welcome back to the gardening journey! The first step is to prepare a separate bucket to be used for tomatoes, seeing as those need to be germinating, like yesterday!

I’m using a bucket I used last year, but it didn’t really work well because I didn’t do much for draining. This year, I’m going to fix my mistakes and make it right! In the video below, you’ll see the steps needed to take any soft plastic bucket and turn it into a wonderful pot for large vegetables. From the holes at the bottom, to the different soil and drainage levels and possibilities.

One thing I forgot to add to my soil mix in the video, was PERLITE. I went back and fixed it after the fact, but definitely a needed step. Perlite helps your soil drain and not get all mucky and fungus-ey from sitting water.

Let me know any questions you may have, happy to help! Or any tips or fixes you may know, that I don’t. Always happy to learn and improve, along with you!

Recap of video if you prefer to read!

1. Get a soft plastic bucket of some kind, they sell them at Walmart super cheap.

2. Use either a drill, or a butane torch and a screw driver to make holes at the bottom for drainage. honestly I was able to just use the screwdriver without heating it up even. It went through the plastic no problem.

3. Cover the bottom few inches, in my case it was about 4, with either dry leaves, rocks, or even styrofoam to allow water to drain out of your soil and through the holes. It will also add more oxygen underneath your soil which will help nourish it as well.

4. For the soil, use a 1:3 ratio of manure to top soil. The one thing I forgot to add in the video was perlite. Definitely add that as well. You don’t need too much of it, but it should be dispersed throughout your soil mixture. Then add this on top of your drainage layer, all mixed up together (the topsoil, manure, and perlite)

5. Water your soil, and let it sit till the germinated plants are reading to be replanted in a larger container.

And that’s it! In the next post I’ll show you how I terminated my tomatoes! Let me know if you have any questions or comments! Thank you for being here and joining me on this journey 🙂

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