Inevitably as a freelancer, you will have slow times! The first few times this happened, I literally didn’t know how to take it. “Was that it?” “Did I mess something up and now they’re not calling?” “I need to email a bunch of new companies or else what will I do next month!!”

While having a sense of urgency in these situations is good, you can’t over stress yourself! If you did a good job during your projects and time at studios, left on a good note, then you need to relax and use this time in other ways. Take slow seasons as a blessing in disguise! It took me a while to figure this out. I’d start just worrying about everything, emailing frantically and then quickly realizing it was a waste when I receive an email from one of my previous clients… not even a week later. Ummm you mean I could’ve been enjoying that week off? Instead of worrying?


Well, yes. You can enjoy your time off and also spend it beneficially to both your well-being and career!

I’m currently in a slow season and instead of freaking out like before, I decided to take this opportunity of being home a lot and having a lot of free time to do something!

I realized at the beginning of this summer that I have ALOT of unfinished projects. I seem to have a tendency to get really excited about an idea, start it and then never get around to finishing it! Which is seriously not helpful as a creative. What are a bunch of unfinished projects? Literally nothing.

So I decided that instead of worrying about my next job, I was going to work on finishing my unfinished projects! This would give me content for the social medias that I KNOW I can post (vs. projects that have legal issues in regards to this 😦 ). Finishing these projects would progress my skills and help me actually learn something too!

Mannnnnn, does it feel better to actually enjoy this time off. It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve already made a ton of progress on about 4 projects and even posted a few. I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something and having all these new projects finished gives me a reason to show my website to people who have already seen it! It makes a lot more sense to email a potential client with a “Hey! I’ve been working on a lot of cool new work recently, you should check it out!” than a “Hey, just checking in.” type email.

You feel me??

I really recommend taking the time and working on personal projects while you’re slow.

Also! Seeing as most of this time you’re spending by yourself and becoming more of a hermit, alone, at your house 🙃 I suggest taking this opportunity to READ!

I know, what is books?! Just joking, books are amazing and they’re a fantastic way to keep you’re mind active and learning while you’re at home.

I bought two books about packaging design and read them with my morning coffee and breakfast. I mean who am I? This is fantastic? I used to wake up at 5:30am every morning and rush onto a train. Now I’m over here, at 10am calmly reading and sipping coffee in my kitchen 😎. Do you guys see what I’m trying to get at?

Slow times in freelance can be a beautiful, relaxing time if you use it wisely. Instead of stressing, have a few projects or plans ready for this time. You’ll feel better, get better and have work to show future clients only building your client base 🙌.

Win win win.


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