Roll it up!

I wanted to share a tip I recently came across myself that has been ridiculously beneficial!

I am actively trying to organize my life and get ahead on all the projects I have going on. I spend most of my free time, or free brain time, listening to podcasts while I do other work. A lot of the podcasts I’ve been listening to lately have had to do with productivity, side hustle, starting your own creative business and organizing your life. I can write a post on which podcasts those are, if you guys are interested!

This tip I owe to the Shailey and Katie Podcast and their productivity episode! Thank you both for the great tips and the bright and fun energy throughout. Never a dull moment!


So here it is! The app Unroll me!  I don’t know about you, but I had sooo many emails. I always seem to sign up to those “Become part of our mailing list and get specials deals!” emails, for a reason I no longer know. My inbox was full of unnecessary emails. It got so annoying that I had to spend time out of my week and day, going through email by email and either swiping them or deleting them or whatever. A lot of them were duplicates and it was just a waste of time!


That’s when I heard Shailey and Katie’s podcast and decided to try Unroll me, and oh my goodness, how great this app is.

You sign in to your email, and it gives you this magical ability to decide if you want to unsubscribe, roll up or keep. All with simple finger swipes. Swipe left to unsubscribe, and yes it works. No extra menus, no nothing. One swipe and you’re good. Or you can swipe right if you’d like to keep the email and view it just like before.

The best part: Swipe up if you want to roll up the email. This is just genius. I would still want to see all those sales emails, but I didn’t want them cluttering up my inbox and giving me that constantly high numbered red bubble on my mail app! What the roll up allows you to do, is roll up all of those emails that you still want to see, but don’t want to be bothered with, into one single email! The presentation makes this great. When you open up this rolled up email, it has pictures of each email and what its contents was. It allows you to easily scroll through and see all of those emails, opening them up if you choose to! It isn’t some wordy numbered list. They make it easy and pleasant. Truly, great.

Now, my inbox is only the important stuff! No more “1,000 New Emails” bubbles on my mail app. I have unsubscribed to all the random, useless stuff that cluttered my inbox and everything else is neatly rolled up into one email! The even greater part, is that none of this is permanent. If I accidentally unsubscribe from my electrical bill, I can go in and edit this in the app and bring it back.

Seriously, give it a try. I don’t write posts about apps, but have recently come across a few, this one in particular, that make me want to shout them out. So good job app developers of Unroll Me! You guys did great!

Are there any apps you guys recommend for organization and easy workflow? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you and grow the arsenal of weapons! (Apps)

p.s. This wasn’t sponsored, this is just me really liking this app and wanting to share it with you and maybe help you too.

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