Personalized token of love

I've been wrapping for about 3 years now. Each piece usually takes about a week, if not longer. I started taking custom orders pretty early on in this process and quickly realized that, often, people can't wait 2-4 weeks for a custom piece.
I randomly started making intricate bracelets, while wanting to try something new. They looked like this:

And while I really lived them; they were just like pendants, in that they took a decent amount of time and materials which made them cost more.
I wanted to come up with an alternative beautiful but quick bracelet, that would allow people to get a personalized gift without early preparation and without breaking the bank.

This is how the Cuffs were born!
My my am I happy with these babes. I've only made 3 designs so far, but they're made just for the client!
The clients, any of you wonderful humans, can choose the stone that fits you or the person your gifting. I go through a consultation period from the start helping you find the best stone for the receiver. Whether that's their birthstone, or a stone that'll help them get through some hardship in their current life situation, or just a color they like, we discuss all of this up front. Prior to starting any work, we settle on the perfect stone! I usually ask for a week to get the product completed, but this can definitely be sped up on a case by case basis. I want to help you gift the best gift and in time!

Also, to add to this awesomeness, I lowered the price to a super affordable amount of $25-40 per bracelet, depending on the chosen stone. I've acquired a large and diverse collection of gemstones, allowing us to cut time waiting for the delivery of the stones. Again, making the week long process possible.

Here's how they look:
There are three designs so far but I'm working on creating more, so keep your eyes open for those!

Let me know what else you'd be interested in potentially knowing about my process! I'd love to know, share and hear from you!

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