Growing gardens

I got a request a few months ago, to make one of my wire wrapped trees for a friends friends who experienced a loss in her life.

The idea was to make a moonstone tree with an aquamarine base. The moonstone has a calming and clearing effect while the aquamarine coincided with the loved one’s birthday. 

I proceeded to search the web in hopes of finding the perfect stone to house my little tree. I wanted it to look as if the tree was perched at the end of a cliff, sturdy and still. I found this beautiful green raw aquamarine that fit the description perfectly. I never realized how green raw aquamarines get. This stunner was a beauty all in its own! 

The tree fit perfectly on top and winding down the side. 

To give a little hidden info on the tree making process: it’s a lot of twisting. You start by cutting a buuunch of thin, I use 30gauge wire. You then take each strand and feed a moonstone bead onto it. You put the head in the middle of the wire and bend it in half. Now using your thumb and index finger, spin spin spin! All the way down. Repeat this for the hundred other twigs. Haha not kidding. 

Then start to put branches together. I usually use about three twigs per branch, but you can do more depending on your desired final size. Once you have a series of branches ready, you start wrapping them around a center trunk. Use one branch as your center point and keep it straight. Then press the next one up towards the top, keeping them both between your index finger and thumb, and then start twisting the two together to the bottom. Keep doing this till you run out.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll get a bush looking object, like a fake Christmas tree that just got taken out of its box. Next, proceed to pull the different branches down and position them how you like. 

Viola! You have a wire wrapped tree! I apologize for my lack of progress photos, I didn’t intend on making an explanation of the process. 

Next hurdle was attaching the tree to the rock. In the past, I had always used hot glue, but I quickly realized that you could see the hot glue once you were doneD it was this thick clear goop that surrounded your final product. 

This time I decided to try out super glue. I decided to use the remaining moonstone beads as a little river that flowed down the base of the tree, while also helping me attach it to my cliff. 

I proceeded to unravel my tree roots and wrap them around and down the aquamarine. As I did this, I continued to press the tree firmly onto the base. I would paint the rock with super glue, press the roots down into that and then cover them with moonstone beads. That I then also covered in super glue. I kept this process going all the way down the roots. And only THEN did the tree really stick. It really takes a lot to adhere metal to a rock. If you guys have any better suggestions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 

And there we have it! Away it went after that, to it forever home 🙂 and I’m really glad I was able to help in the healing process of a loved one. Creativity and energy put in truly amounts to a wonderful product. 

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