The start of something new

Hello lovely people,

I had this idea of starting a blog to dive a little deeper into the realm I live in everyday, that is the Creative realm. I have always drawn, painted, crafted, sat by myself and was perfectly happy exploring what my hands and head could create together.

I have focused my attention, recently, on drawing/painting and jewelry making. I also keep toying around the idea of opening up a business and taking this huge part of my life further. This blog is one of the steps I’m taking to put my progress in perspective and maybe help me narrow down, what it is I’m trying to do.

I hope you enjoy my crafty journey as I do. I’ll be posting my behind the scenes processes and wacky ideas that don’t really make it anywhere else.


For now, here are some beautiful succulents I’ve added into my life recently. Adding some greenery always helps. 


Published by Amber Energy Arts

I am a 3D/Motion graphics Freelancer in Chicago. I am constantly creating whether that be in the computer or with my hands. I made this site to take people on the journey with me as a creative building my life in today’s world. From freelance, to building a brand through art, I’ll talk about it all here.

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