The finished piece

Its really crazy how much oxidization can change a piece of jeeelry it really gives it a special mystifying look it separates it from other things like it.

I finally got better liver of sulfur! Now I don’t have to wait half an hour for stuff to oxidixe! Before, I was using a rock that you had to break apart. It was super frustrating and difficult. Partially, because I couldn’t touch it! It causes cancer, of course! So now I have this stuff called “Liver of sulfur Extended life gel” and it is MAGICAL. Well, not really.. but it works! And works really well. You heat up water in a pot and then mix it together with a spoon full, or a nice squeeze of the bottle and bam! A few seconds later, you get a gorgeous charcoal color. Finish it off in some baking soda water, to finish the oxidization, and you’re good to go! It’s really quiet amazing what a little oxidization does. 

I really think this adds a manly vibe to the piece, where as in full silver it looked more feminine.

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