A present for my love

Hi loves peeps 🙂 

I had decided a few months ago to make a wire wrap pendant for my love. Picking out stones that are specifically for him that would assist him with his anxiety and stress.

I researched different stones and settled on a mixture of amblygonite and Scapolite. I then added a smokey quartz as he had brought it home and said he wanted it in a wrap! (This wrap was a surprise so he had no idea I was making it) but how perfect is that! 

This wrap took a long time and I’m still not finished, I still have to oxidize it.   I’m pretty happy with the result. It includes one faceted square smokey quartz, 1 amblygonite and 3 scapolite a. One purple and two yellow. The wrapping is done in sterling silver. 

A little explanation of the stones:

First and foremost, he is a Taurus/Aries cusp baby. 


This stone is high in lithium. Therefore it helps with anxiety, depression and assists in dealing with stress. It stimulates feelings of peace and tranquility, allowing you let go of your troubles. It helps you release tension from your past as it works In the solar plexus or power chakra and frees your creativity by releasing internals conflicts about your future. Best held or kept on the body in some way. 


This Taurus gemstone aids in setting goals as well as boosting the power within yourself to achieve said goals. This stone also assists in stress management while simultaneously giving you strength to release bad habits and grow beyond them. In this wrap there are both yellow and purple scapolite stones. They all work within higher vibration chakras and are also part of the solar plexus. Yellow scapolite, specifically, aids you in seeing your intentions through and brings prosperity in the mix. 

Smokey quartz: 

This is a magnificent stone. As a crystal, it amplifies the stones around it. It is also a protection stone that absorbs negative energy and protecting the person wearing it, in a spiritual way. This stone is recommended as a base or earth stone. Part of the root chakra. But it has also been known as part of the solar plexus and as a power chakra stone.
“Peace and progress.”

That is my main effort in this pendant and the energy I put into making this beauty and the stones chosen. 

I put a little piece of me in everything I make. My intention is to keep that energy transfer as peaceful and loving as my heart allows. 

It allows a lot. 

I will post photos of the final when I’m done.

If you’ve read this entire post, I love you and thank you. 

Gemstone glow
Front before oxidization
Front 2 before oxidization

2 thoughts on “A present for my love

  1. That is absolutely splendid. The wrapping is perfect (and I know how difficult wire wrapping can be as I used to wire wrap with copper wire). I think you put a whole lot of you in this piece as it shows a tremendous (sp?) amount of LOVE.

    Liked by 1 person

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